• Traditional methods of new Materials research

    Traditional methods of new material research: materials are prepared and tested one by one

    Weakness: low efficiency.

    Average R & D cycle: 18 years, material research is in urgent need of platform-based new technology.

  • Material Genome Initiative

    Material Genome Initiative announced the launch of the Advanced Manufacturing Partnership (AMP) in 2011, with the goal of halving the research and development cycle of new materials and reducing costs with a view to accelerating U.S. progress in clean energy, national security, human health and welfare, and the next generation of labor training, and to strengthen the international competitiveness of the United States.

    In the same year, the seventh EU Framework Science and Technology Plan put forward the Metallurgical Europe Plan of accelerated Metallurgy.

    The plan goal of Metallurgy Europe, (Accelerated Metallurgy, ACCMET):
    To take the demand of high performance alloy materials as traction.To take the experimental method of high throughput composite materials as the leading factor. To obtain a large number of materials with practical application value in a short period of time.

    In 2012, high-throughput preparation technology was named by MIT (MIT Technology Review) as one of the eight technologies that can have a significant impact on the world in the field of materials.

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